Rabbi Muller's Message Ki Seitzei

A Mentalist Mentality

Dear Friends,

This past Wednesday evening our community was treated to a spectacular show featuring mega-mentalist Sidney Friedman. The crowd was blown away when he read the minds of audience members. Everyone wondered, “How does he know what people are thinking to themselves?”

It is quite a feat to be able to discern the unexpressed thoughts of other people. We take for granted, however, that it is not so difficult to know what we ourselves are thinking and feeling. But is that true? Do we really know what our own thoughts and feelings are? Do we fully understand what is most important to us? Are we in touch with our values and aspirations? What does our inner voice of goodness tell us? Do we hear it? Are we listening?
Rosh Hashanah is around the corner. It is a time for personal reflection. We must begin listening to ourselves. We should ask, “What is truly important to me? What are my values? How do I become a better person? Are there relationships that I wish to improve? Which things help me find inner peace and genuine happiness? What are my true priorities?”

Now, as the High Holidays approach, is the time to begin deciphering the deepest wishes of our hearts and heed the truest longings of our souls. We need to listen to that inner voice of goodness within us and appreciate its message. It this way we will get to know ourselves better and lead more meaningful lives. We will be stirred to be more thoughtful and kind. We will be inspired to be the best friend, family member and fellow human being we can be. We will be empowered to live a life that expresses our most cherished values.
It all begins by cutting through the static and clutter that surround our inner thoughts and feelings. Let us adopt the mentality of a mentalist and focus on reading our own minds and hearts!

Let us be our own mentalists!

Gut Shabbos and Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Tzvi Muller