Friday Evening

Evening services are held approximately 15 minutes before sunset (shkiah) except during the extended months of summer when services are held approximately 15 minutes before Plag (Plag is 1¼ halachic/seasonal hours before sunset). To confirm exact time please inquire at or sign up for our weekly newsletter. *

Shabbat Day

10:00 am - Morning Services

12:00 noon - Luncheon

Afternoon services are held at approximately at 7:00 pm during Daylight Saving Time. During the other four months of the year services are at approximately 1:00 pm. *

Evening services are held at the time that Shabbat ends. *

Services are held at the Birmingham Masonic Lodge (37357 Woodward Ave. Bloomfield Hills). Asterisk (*) indicates unlikely, yet possible, location change. Please confirm at 

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