How we got started

A woman from Bloomfield Hills and a man from Birmingham wanted to bring a Jewish presence to the area. Beginning with Shabbos weekly services held alternatively in their respective homes, the BBCC eventually grew to include holiday services, educational programming and a building (with plans to renovate in Fall 2015). BBCC is looking to expand even more!

Why for the community

The Jewish people have the unique history of being G-d’s chosen people. It is our BIRTHRIGHT. Being Jewish is more than our State of ISRAEL or our traditions. It is a way of life that competes with anything out there. The Torah and the Oral Law are RICH with guidance in business, health, science, emotional support, happiness, relationships & MORE. It is the religion that guides a person from birth to death & even the afterlife.

Why for you

Think Religion is too restricting and rigid? Then, you are using an outdated paradigm. BBCC wants to offer EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE to EXPLORE your individual and collective birthright. Nothing required except a commitment to try.

Where you can dip in

Check our weekly services sign up for our weekly newsletter, for education and offerings.

People share when they have something special to give. The woman and man just wanted to share and spread what they found for everyone to connect.