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Weekly Services

Friday Evening

Evening services are held approximately 15 minutes before sunset (shkiah) except during the extended months of summer when services are held approximately 15 minutes before Plag (Plag is 1ΒΌ halachic/seasonal hours before sunset). To confirm exact time please inquire at or sign up for our weekly newsletter. *

Shabbat Day

10:00 am - Morning Services

12:00 noon - Luncheon

Afternoon services are held at approximately at 7:00 pm during Daylight Saving Time. During the other four months of the year services are at approximately 1:00 pm. *

Evening services are held at the time that Shabbat ends. *

Services are held at the Birmingham Masonic Lodge (37357 Woodward Ave. Bloomfield Hills). Asterisk (*) indicates unlikely, yet possible, location change. Please confirm at 

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